NetApp’s new iPad app aims to secure corporate data

May 14, 2013
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NetApp’s Connect app stores corporate data in a virtual ‘container’ on the iPad and, by leveraging technology it gained from acquiring ionGRID in February, enables users to access data in NetApp environments without a VPN connection or any form of authentication.

The app is also compatible with Citrix ShareFile and VMware Horizon, meaning that users can relax in the knowledge that anything they share or collaborate on all goes on behind the corporate firewall, and is never copied to the cloud.

With this in mind, NetApp Connect users are able to stream, view, download, edit and pass on corporate information directly from their iOS devices (including iPhone, iPad and iPad mini) and on all files, from Microsoft SharePoint documents to Intranet web applications.

NetApp Connect is now available for free on the App Store. The companys says that the solution will come to other platforms in the near future.


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