Never be left without a charge with these 4 great tablet accessories

October 31, 2013

Fortunately, several hardware makers have developed some excellent tools to ensure that you will not always be on the hunt for a power outlet. Here are some choices that will make that next trip or all-day conference somewhat less painful.

Mophie juice pack powerstation

The Mophie juice pack has become the flagship case for those looking to extend their smartphone battery life. Mophie has not forgot about iPads and other tablets as it offers the powerstation line for such portable charging situations.

While a little steep at $79.95, the device has great build and design along with its utility as a charging device. It has a 4000 mAH battery and is about the size of the average smartphone, meaning it can easily slip into one’s pocket or computer bag.

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

This is an essential and surprisingly moderately priced accessory that will ensure you have the proper electrical outlet for anywhere in the world. The kit, which retails for $39, comes with a USB power adapter, a 30-pin USB cord, and six AC prongs that work throughout the world. Unfortunately, if you have an iPad that uses a Lightning connector you will need the Lightning to USB cable, which is a separate purchase.

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Scosche strikeDRIVE pro

Scosche makes a large number of tablet and smartphone charging accessories. An excellent option for tablet owners is the strikeDRIVE as it can power the iPad as well as micro USB-powered tablets from a car. Better yet it can charge two devices at once – able to even handle two tablets simultaneously. The device is $44.99. If that is more than you were looking to spend, the company offers several other lower-cost options.

Sony battery packs

Sony recently launched a pair of robust charging accessories that will re-power both tablets and smartphones. The CP-F5 and CP-F10 promise to charge devices to full capacity in less than two hours. The latter will charge two devices while the former can handle one. Sony also says that after 1,000 recharges the device will still retain 90 percent of its charging capabilities. The CP-F5 costs $42 with the two-device CP-F10 priced at $72. 


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