New apps & accessory enhance Motion Computing’s rugged Windows tablets

October 11, 2013
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Snapworks by Motion is a touch-based camera app with easy touch features to capture, annotate and share images.

The company has also released a new EasyConnect RFID Long Range Reader that transforms Motion’s rugged tablets into long range UHF RFID tag readers. The Reader is designed to make it easier for workers in such places as an oil rig, rail transportation and warehouse environments to obtain and process critical asset data from a distance.

On the tablet side, Motion Computing released the latest generations of its F5 and C5-series Rugged Tablets. The Motion F5te and C5te feature across-the-board improvements in power, security and manageability with integrated field tools designed to improve documentation and collaboration. 

Motion says it’s targeting mobile workers across industries like utility, insurance, public safety, retail and healthcare with the new models.

The tablets also come with a number of customization options including tailored docking, mounting and charging solutions. New features include a 10-point touch panel with Windows 8 Pro support, the aforementioned Snapworks by Motion and EasyConnect RFID Reader as well as a Multi-Bay Battery Charger .

(Choosing your next tablet, including ruggedized devices, will be one of the key session topics at the TabletBiz conference & expo in New York on November 13, 2013)


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