New CrowdFlik app offers crowd-sourced video and – surprise – a business strategy

June 27, 2013
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Billed as the first collaborative event-driven mobile video platform, CrowdFlik takes the sharing idea in a new direction, crowd-sourcing. 

“We can perfectly synchronize videos from an event to let you create something new,” CrowdFlik CEO and founder Chris Hamer told TabTimes during a demo of the new app, currently available for the iPhone with an iPad and Android version due out later this summer.

You can of course use CrowdFlik as just another video app, but its real power is in its ability to ‘recreate’ events (e.g. concerts, parties, sports, business meetings) by using videos taken by multiple CrowdFlik users. 

The free CrowdFlik app slices videos into synchronized 10 second segments and assembles them on the CrowdFlik cloud-based edit platform where users can select segments from their videos along with footage captured by other attendees. The result is personalized, multi-angle edits the company calls FLIKs. 

The FLIK footage is accurately synchronized to 100 nanoseconds using the U.S. Naval Atomic Clock, allowing precise cuts even in fast moving events.  

Once two or more videos from an event are uploaded,  the service lets site visitors re-assemble the footage – on a mobile device or desktop, and whether they were at the event or not. 

There's a business here

Many app developers make building a big user base or community a prime objective and CrowdFlik, by making the app free, is no exception. 

But rather than wait till it gets a significant number of customers to figure out how to monetize the service, Hamer says he’s hitting the ground running with a monetization strategy. 

“The challenge for marketers is to extend the value of an event beyond the event itself,” says Hamer. “CrowdFlik begins when the event ends.” 

(App monetization will be a key topic of discussion at the Tablet Ecosystem coming to San Francisco September 12)

Hamer, who has broad experience with marketing campaigns for General Motors, Priceline and others, says companies will be able to brand (essentially sponsor) event FLIKS, just outside the video frame. 

Individuals will be able to create FLIKS of their own events (e.g. a wedding) free of any branding or advertising. 

Wedding are in fact a potentially very big market for FLIKs.

“There are 1.9 million weddings every year,” says Hamer. “And lots of people attending those weddings have iPhones. With CrowdFlik you can create the ultimate wedding video from all angles.” 


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