New Intel CEO admits chip giant missed tablet opportunity

May 16, 2013
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"Yes, we missed it, we were slow to tablets and some of the mobile computing. We do believe we have a good base," Krzanich said today at the company’s annual shareholders, covered by Reuters.

He said he and new Intel President Renee James, who previously mabnaged software projects at Intel, have already been meeting with manufacturing customers. While Intel has dominated PCs for decades, most Android smartphones and tablets are powered by chips based on the ARM processor design. 

Krzanich, a 30-year Intel veteran who made his name running Intel's cutting-edge manufacturing plants, said he and software honcho Renee James, who the board elevated to president, have already started meeting with manufacturing customers.

"We're going to make adjustments in our architecture and our product choices,” Krzanich said.

Intel already has plans in place to bring out more advanced, power-efficient versions of its Atom line of processors that power a range of Windows 8 tablets.

Krzanich, who has been at Intel for 30 years, gained prominence running Intel’s cutting-edge chip manufacturing plants. He succeeded long-time CEO Paul Otellini who retired. 


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