A new Jailbreak hack lets you use a PlayStation 3 controller with iOS 7

January 20, 2014
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PS3 controllers, with their common Bluetooth connectivity standards, are the perfect controller for a number of devices. Many PC gamers use the Sony controller to play Windows, Mac and Linux games, for example. And now iOS 7 users can do the same—provided they've taken the steps to jailbreak their devices, that is.

Called "Controllers for All," the mod lets users with a PS3 controller connect it via Bluetooth and use it with any iOS 7 games that are compatible with controllers. It's located in the "ModMyi" store in the Cydia app on jailbroken devices.

There are some high-quality iOS 7 gamepads out there, like SteelSeries' Stratus, but PlayStation 3 pads are readily available for less than half of what the official iOS 7 controllers cost. The advantage is clear as day. [via iDownloadBlog]


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