New Jersey high school provides 480 Galaxy Tabs to senior students

October 28, 2011

The tablet deployment will roll-out later this year and is being supported by Verizon Wireless, which will provide a private and secure mobile network for the devices.

"This is a logical next step for school systems; delivering information in a way that our students are accustomed to consuming it”, said Makeba McCray, the technology co-ordinator for the school.

"With the increasing cost of paper and the popularity of digital devices, this was also a natural cost-saving step that we hope everyone will benefit from and enjoy.

“To complement our plans, we needed a carrier with a reliable network at a great value. We're excited to work with Verizon Wireless, who gave us exactly what we hoped for."

Through Schoology, an online learning and classroom management system which doubles as a social networking platform, students will be able to collaborate with teachers, classmates and access course material at any time.

The tablets will be pre-loaded with all the necessary textbooks, as well as various educational applications and various news sources, including Thinkfree Office, Note Everything, Evernote, Citations2go, the US Constitution, Newsweek, and USA Today, as well as applications for a scientific calculator, dictionary and thesaurus.

"The adoption of tablets within our schools is a growing trend in our area and we're proud to be part of it," said Pat Devlin, president of Verizon Wireless for the New York metro area.

"Introducing tablets in our local schools is a great initiative. It is a fun and engaging way for the students to learn and interact with their classmates. It is also a lot more convenient since there will be no need to carry a heavy backpack every day”.

The tablets will run on an encrypted mobile network, provided by Verizon Wireless, and will be able to be accessed by school officials. These officials will be able to de-activate a tablet, in the event that one is lost or stolen.


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