New Microsoft ads diss iPad Air for connectivity, cooking & family usage

November 27, 2013

Microsoft is airing three new commercials in time for the holiday season and – as with its previous anti-iPad campaign – they see the comparison between the Surface and Apple’s iPad.

The first ad is aimed at passionate chefs and shows how Surface 2 users can utilize the kickstand and hands-free mode to navigate recipes on the Bing Food and Drink app without making a mess on the screen. By comparison, the narrator shows that the iPad Air doesn’t have the same hands-free mode and also questions the Siri voice capabilities.

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The second minute-long ad is just as punchy and demonstrates the ability to create multiple user accounts – as well as manage usage – on the Surface 2. It demonstrates how users can have different backgrounds, apps and games installed on their section.

The third and final ad sees Microsoft once again bang the drum for USB connectivity – a complaint levelled at the iPad since its conception in 2010. Once again, the narrator explains the ability to mirror the tablet’s display to a monitor although observant Apple fans will surely claim that wireless AirPlay gains the upper hand here.

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