New MobiUs mobile browser designed for HTML5

October 31, 2011
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Why another browser? appMobi says MobiUs will let developers finally tap the full capabilities of smartphones and tablets such as gravity sensing, accelerometer, GPS, camera, sound and vibration. HTML5 is an emerging web content creation standard that the late Steve Jobs favored in place of Adobe’s Flash. 

But where Apple’s various i-devices have benefitted from the millions of apps developed for the App Store, appMobi says MobiUs will, for the first time, give Web apps and websites the exact same capabilities as native apps found on app stores. MobiUs works either as a standalone mobile browser, or it can power Web apps and websites with full native app functionality from a person's favorite mobile browser, such as the Safari browser for iPhone.

MobiUs for iOS is available in the Apple App Store as a free app. 

"MobiUs is huge, with the power to disrupt everything you know about mobile apps, where you get them and how developers and publishers benefit from them," said Sam Abadir, appMobi’s CTO, in a release. "What has been particularly exciting for us is the early interest in MobiUs from some of our game developer customers. Game developers always push technology to the absolute edge of its limitations in order to make entertaining, thrilling and compelling games, and they are finding the combination of MobiUs and appMobi's GameDev XDK give them performance up to and even beyond the speed and capabilities of Adobe Flash."

Despite all the hype, Abadir conceded that “there are many good reasons why app publishers might still want to use the walled garden app stores,” but he said he thinks developers will welcome the choice between app store and publishing on the open Web using MobiUS. 

“MobiUs truly empowers Web apps and opens up the entire World Wide Web as the new app store,” he said. 

appMobi said it uses HTML5 Offline Caching to let MobiUs run Web apps even when network connectivity is unavailable. Once a Web app is bookmarked in MobiUs, the app is stored on the smartphone, so it loads instantly and can run with or without Internet connectivity, just like a native app, the company said. 


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