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‘Ambient air’ exposure to blame for iPhone 6S battery failures

Apple has issued a statement explaining the iPhone 6S shutdown issue, revealing that batteries had been overexposed to "controlled ambient air".
avatarby Robert Triggs48 minutes ago0 comments

Windows 10 may soon do everything Amazon Echo and Google Home can do

Microsoft is reportedly working on a update for Windows 10 called Home Hub, made to turn any PC with the OS into a connected speaker like the Amazon Echo.
avatarby John Callaham17 hours ago0 comments

Apple letter to NHTSA suggests involvement in self-driving cars

Apple has revealed a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, expressing their position on how self-driving vehicle regulations should be handled in the years to come.
avatarby Edgar Cervantes3 days ago0 comments

Some MacBook Pro users seeing battery life issues

Some users who have received their new MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar are claiming that battery life seems to be shorter than usual.
avatarby Dan Bartram3 days ago1 comments

Apple updates Boot Camp drivers to fix issue causing blown speakers

Apple has released an update to the drivers for Boot Camp to fix a major issue with the audio on Windows 10 that would cause the speakers to blow on the new MacBook Pro.
avatarby Dan Bartram4 days ago0 comments

Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals is back with PC & Surface discounts

Microsoft is back with its 12 Days of Deals promotion, which runs until December 16th and offers a selection of discounts on PC, Surface, and Xbox hardware.
avatarby Robert Triggs4 days ago1 comments

Find out if you’re eligible for an iPhone 6s free battery replacement.

Apple has begun to offer free battery replacements to iPhone 6s owners who are experiencing unexpected shutdowns on their device. Here's how to tell if you're affected.
avatarby A.J. Hartless4 days ago0 comments
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