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Please do NOT drill a hole into your iPhone 7

Just when you think you have seen it all, people start drilling holes into their iPhone 7 smartphones. Please don't do it!
avatarby Edgar Cervantes6 hours ago2 comments

Lenovo Yoga Book: Android/Windows tablet ships on October 17th

The Lenovo Yoga Book sees the best of both worlds collide, as this 2-in-1 tablet starts shipping on October 17, 2016.
avatarby Tab Times4 days ago0 comments

Kangaroo Notebook is a laptop dock that uses removable mini PCs

Those who want to share a single computer usually just create different accounts, but the Kangaroo Notebook brings forth a different concept.
avatarby Edgar Cervantes1 week ago1 comments

iPhone 7 Plus teardown reveals bigger Taptic Engine

iFixit have conducted their routine teardown and attention is paid specifically to what Apple have decided to replace the 3.5mm jack internal space with.
avatarby Dan Bartram1 week ago0 comments

Meet the new Home Button in iOS 10 installer on iPhone 7

Apple have added a new new step to the iOS 10 installer, headlined “Meet the new Home Button”.
avatarby Dan Bartram1 week ago0 comments

Running Android apps and games on Windows is easy with Jide’s Remix OS Player

Jide Technology has just released an emulated version of the Android OS, dubbed Remix OS Player, which is now available as a free install on Windows.
avatarby Jimmy Westenberg1 week ago1 comments

How people in the Apple line reacted when told they wouldn’t be able to get the 7 Plus

We talked to the Apple customers in Sydney, Australia who were hoping to be the first persons in the world to take home an iPhone 7 Plus.
avatarby Bogdan Petrovan1 week ago0 comments
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