Using iPads at school? Sophia now provides free training to teachers

by Doug Drinkwater

March 7 2013 is offering a free online course to teachers tasked with using iPads at school is offering a free online course to teachers tasked with using iPads at school

Schools may be increasingly rolling out tablets, but training teachers on these devices can be tricky. Teaching website Sophia is now trying to fill that void by offering free iPad training to educators. has teamed up with Capella University’s School of Education to launch the iPad Prepared Certification program, a four-part online tutorial which aims to show teachers how to use tablets effectively in the classroom.

Teachers looking to sign up for the free course should head to, sign up for an account and then jump right into first tutorial (“What is a Personal Device Classroom?”).

Each tutorial serves up links to news stories and videos on successful school tablet deployments, as well as short presentations from teachers who have already used iPads. These presentations give useful advice on everything from ways of implementing tablets in the classroom to tips on downloading and using apps like Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive.

At the end of each session, participants have to answer three questions correctly and at the end of the course teachers receive a "Tablet Certificate".

"Technology has become a critical tool for teachers to more efficiently individualize instruction for each student, in and outside the classroom," said Sophia senior VP Allison Gage.

"We developed this program to help teachers more effectively use the devices while also keeping students engaged by meeting them where they are in this digital age.”

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