CompTIA panel on BYOD: "Some IT departments have already lost control of security"

by Doug Drinkwater

November 11 2011

A panel discussion on mobile enterprise at CompTIA’s EMEA conference revealed the netbook's decline to be inevitable and cites the rise of consumerization to bring about some security concerns.

The mobile enterprise panel discussion was held at the conference in London earlier this week and comprised Carl West, GFK’s business group director for retail and technology, Neil Louw, CTO of Dimension Data, and Anthony Payne, director of platform marketing for products at RIM UK.

West began by saying that tablets accounted for a third of mobile computing sales in September, and subsequently claimed that the rise of HD content was already culminating in the demise of the netbook, even before the arrival of the tablet.

Louw said that the consumerization is bigger than the growth of mobile and is changing the whole IT landscape as a whole. “IT departments are struggling to keep up, and some have already lost control with the introduction of mobile devices. If you are not changing your strategy accordingly, you are already behind the curve”, said Louw.

Payne echoed the thoughts on consumerization and said that bring-your-own device (BYOD) adoption represents a ‘big challenge’ to the changing of enterprise infrastructure.

The RIM spokesman went onto add that apps are critical to roll-out, but still have some way to develop in the enterprise space. “We haven’t seen a great number of business applications as of yet. They are essentially 'executive jewellery' at the moment", said Payne.

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