This official 'Angry Birds' virtual reality headset is a great idea

by Mike Rougeau

April 1 2014

Who cares that it's an April Fool's joke?

A rough draft of a press release was accidentally published on Rovio's blog today, April 1, revealing that the company is developing a brand new virtual reality headset called "Eagle Eye." It's like Oculus Rift, except it plays a special version of Angry Birds that sends you flying, in a first-person perspective, into the haphazard structures of those poor piggies.

I don't care that the Eagle Eye isn't real. I want it to be. Anyone who's used one of these new-fangled VR headsets knows that the immersion is killer—and I believe the sensation of being flung across the landscape from a giant slingshot would be unparalleled.

Come on, Rovio! Make this actually happen!

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