'Lost Yeti' update removes the $.99 game's single in-app purchase

by Mike Rougeau

February 14 2014

Lost Yeti is now completely free of microtransactions, developer Neutronized has revealed.

"Lost Yeti update is now available in the @AppStore," Neutronized tweeted this week. "In-app purchase has now been removed for just in-app fun!"

Previously the game feature a single microtransaction allowing players to purchase 50 new level-skipping popsicles if they ran out. But the Italian indie studio revealed in further tweets that only seven people had purchased it, despite the game's relative popularity. Not to mention that feedback in forums had revealed some players don't trust a game that costs money and features in-app purchases.

The developer also revealed that its next game, whatever it may be, will be a premium title.

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