'Minecraft: Pocket Edition' will get bigger worlds, better AI, and wolves

by Mike Rougeau

February 20 2014

An upcoming update for the smartphone and tablet version of Minecraft will add some new features, though it's unclear when it will arrive.

Mojang has writter on its official site that there's no release date for the new features, but the developer wanted to give fans a status update.

"We’re working on restructuring a lot of code to allow significantly bigger worlds in future updates," the developer wrote. "We’re also updating the AI, inventory, and a bunch of other things. Unfortunately we don’t have a release date yet, but so far, everything is going to plan."

They also posted a screenshot from Minecraft: Pocket Edition teasing that a wolf, an animal that can be domesticated in other versions of Minecraft, will be added to the mobile version eventually as well.

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