AirHolder keeps the iPad afloat for more flexible viewing options

by David Needle

July 6 2012

A new swing arm mount for the iPad gives users a different way to view and interact with the device.

LookBad, the curiously-named company behind the AirHolder, says it’s the first extendable and foldable arm on the market designed for the iPad.

The AirHolder has joints for rotation and a wide angle radius that lets users adjust the iPad to any viewing position. There is also a built-in charging wire in the AirHolder providing a charge-while-use function and two clips to clip the charging wire close to the AirHolder arm so they don’t dangle.

Other features include a safety lock to prevent the iPad from falling and a dual USB cable for charging. The AirHolder and an optional AirCase sell for a combined $120 or you can purchase the AirHolder alone for $99.99

LookBad says at its site that it created the AirHolder after noticing that iPads were being used alot in bed. The idea behind AirHolder was to address the “countless positions” the iPad could be used comfortably while eliminating problems like shoulder discomfort and neck pain.

The idea then dawned us, ‘how great would it be if the tablet was secured afloat in front of usage, giving our arms a moment of rest.” 

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  • David Needle
    2 years 3 months ago
    Interesting new area we'll be looking at in the future -- ergonomics and health issues related to tablets. Thanks a lot for your comment and the correx to the URL, it's been fixed.
  • tabmymac
    2 years 3 months ago

    I've used iPad2 since launch. My neck pain have started nearly at the same time.
    It's time to focus on the health problem using tablet. BTW, the above link is wrong.
    Should be

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