Some Surface users are finding fault with the tablet’s Touch Cover

by Doug Drinkwater

November 9 2012

Microsoft's Touch Cover features an integral keyboard
Microsoft's Touch Cover features an integral keyboard

Microsoft’s Touch Cover keyboard for the Surface tablet is under fire for a supposed manufacturing defect, just days after both products went on general sale.

The issue relates to the Touch Cover splitting at the edge to expose a wire, a problem which has been reported by numerous users on the Surface Forums as well as by The Verge writer Tom Warren.

The defect is apparently the same in each case, with the cover splitting at the seam closest to where it magnetically connects to the Surface tablet.

“Right in the middle on the seam it tore open, and pretty quickly too. I'm gonna [sic] exchange it this weekend”, wrote one poster on the Surface Forums. Other posters seemed to indicate that Microsoft will exchange faulty models for a new unit.

The Guardian has asked Microsoft for a comment on the issue as to whether this is part of a bigger problem, but is yet to hear back from the Redmond software company.

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