A Google-branded smartwatch? Purchase of WIMM Labs raises questions as to Google's next move

by TabTimes Staff

August 30 2013

Google has acquired Android-based smartwatch software company WIMM Labs.

 WIMM makes an Android-based software platform specifically for wearable tech like smartwatches. But, the company went dark last year, and there was some speculation that WIMM had been acquired by Apple to work on its rumored iWatch device. 

The purchase, which reportedly happened months ago, but has only now been uncovered, could mean Google plans to join rivals Apple and Samsung in offering a smartwatch. If so, the smartwatch would join Google's other "wearable tech" product, its Google Glass eyewear.

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  • John Swain
    1 year 2 months ago

    Does any one sincerely think the world needs a 3rd powerhouse to join Samsung and Apple in the manufacturing of a product nobody currently needs or wants. Google is more focused on Google Glass than another wristwatch.

    Wimm undoubtedly has proprietary technology that would enhance the functionality of Google Glass. The timeline makes more sense. Wimm "went dark" at about the same time Google was gearing up it's Glass. I suspect the purpose was to interface Glass with other close proximity Android devices, both on the person and other NFC commercial marketing units.

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