SwiftKey 3 wants to retire the spacebar on your Android tablet

by Doug Drinkwater

April 4 2012

This new version of SwiftKey corrects poorly typed text
This new version of SwiftKey corrects poorly typed text

SwiftKey’s latest virtual keyboard for Android smartphones and tablets could be about to give your spacebar some much needed time off.

There are a number of new features;

Smart Space: This new function basically gives your space bar some time off, by detecting and correcting when you've forgotten to add a space into a particular phrase in real-time.  SwiftKey now claims to offer the most accurate and complete auto-correction available on a smartphone or a tablet.

Two new themes: The beta brings about two new color themes; ‘Cobalt’ and the Ice Cream Sandwich-styled ‘Holo’, which was apparently approved by SwiftKey’s VIP community.

Improved UI: There’s now a much larger space bar and a smart punctuation key to aid typing accuracy.

Additional languages: SwiftKey 3 now brings support for an additional seven languages, boosting the total up to 42. These new languages are Korean, Estonian, Farsi, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian and Serbian.

New punctuation functionality: There’s now – and we quote – ‘intelligent, language-specific punctuation handling’, which seems to indicate adding relevant symbols relating to the language when required.

In addition to these main new features, SwiftKey says that this latest version has a number of other improvements, including a back-up of learned language data (how you write), as well as improved options for users to customize auto-correction features.

The SwiftKey 3 beta is now available through the SwiftKey VIP community (which has around 30,000 users), which is now inviting new members for a limited time only.

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