LinkedIn finally launches an iPad app, and it’s pretty good

by Doug Drinkwater

April 26 2012

The LinkedIn app presents three sections for updates, your profile and messages
The LinkedIn app presents three sections for updates, your profile and messages

LinkedIn, the social network for business people, has released a sprightly new Retina Display-supporting iPad app, which offers features not available on

The app is very simple laid out, offering up three sections for LinkedIn updates, your own public profile and messages from your inbox.

When perusing through the updates section, there’s the chance to filter updates through groups, like and share comments, while the landing page is actually beautifully presented – showing who has viewed your profile, your contacts’ latest job positions and your own integrated calendar (optional) which runs down the left side. Imported news in grouped together in the top right hand corner, and you can swipe right for older updates.

The ‘you’ section open up your profile, shows you people who’ve viewed your profile, your connections or folks who you may know, while the ‘Inbox’ throws up LinkedIn invitations and any messages from your contacts.

LinkedIn, which says that the calendar and job changing features will also come to the firm’s iPhone and Android apps, seems to be enjoying some strong demand with mobile devices, with the company reporting that 41 LinkedIn profiles are viewed, and 19 people searches are conducted every second. The company also says that, on a year-on-year basis, the number of people visiting LinkedIn from an iPad rose by 250% (Note: People could previously use the iPhone app to access LinkedIn on iPad).

The app is now available for free from Apple’s App Store.

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