StoryDesk delivers rejigged presentation app for iPad

by Doug Drinkwater

September 12 2013

If you’re tired of Keynote and want to give SlideShark a miss you could do worse than take a look in the direction of StoryDesk, which has just updated its own iPad presentation app.

The New York-based firm updated its iPad app to version 3.0 today and says that the new version has been “rebuilt from the ground up” to make it easier for users to create, edit and distribute interactive presentations from their iPad.

There’s a plethora of neat features with the app, with users able to add photos, text and videos simply by tapping and holding the screen, and content managers able to upload content and even set access permission through the CloudManager content management system.

Furthermore, the upgrade to version 3.0 sees the introduction of iPad sharing (which enables you to share presentations via email -- providing the other user has the app), improved analytics – such as page views and presentation interactions -- and new templates.

StoryDesk’s iPad app is now available for free from the App Store, with the ‘Lite’ plan free but mainly suitable for first-time users on a tight budget. SMBs and enterprise folk looking for a greater set of features will have to pay $29 and upwards for a Standard, Enterprise or Publisher plan. 

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