Cloud-based BI tool for the iPad lets devs embed interactive business analytics

by David Needle

November 15 2011

Birst's mobile Business Intelligence SDK for the iPad
Birst's mobile Business Intelligence SDK for the iPad

The iPad is great for reading online magazines, videos and other content consumption tasks, but a number of companies have leveraged Apple’s popular device to run serious business applications.

Business analytics provider Birst has released the Birst Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) Software Development Kit (SDK) for the iPad. The cloud-based SDK is designed to let developers quickly and easily embed highly interactive and visual business analytics powered by Birst into their own iPad applications.

Instead of having to invest time and resources in the “plumbing layers” of a BI stack, including the data warehouse and data integration, Birst says its new SDK lets independent software developers (ISVs) focus on building business intelligence into their applications.  By writing to Birst Mobile APIs, developers can bypass complicated data integration, quality, and consolidation issues that underpin BI implementations, the San Francisco-based company said. 

Specifically, Birst said the SDK will let developers create apps that take advantage of the iPad’s touch and gesture interface in its dashboard access screen that lets user swipe and scroll through report tables and move from one report to the next. More detail in a chart or table can be gleaned by a simple tap on the screen. 

Birst said its BI solutions are designed to integrate data from a variety of on-premise and cloud-based sources in a “single version of the truth.” The system’s mobile access control and data security are consistent with the most demanding organization’s requirements, the company said. 

"The Apple iPad has become the tablet device of choice for mobile business applications," said Brad Peters, CEO and Co-Founder of Birst, in a release. "The Birst Mobile BI SDK gives ISVs the agility to provide rich analytics and dashboards into their native applications for the iPad quickly and easily."

Available now, the Birst Mobile BI SDK for the iPad includes sample code designed to let users explore and test its capabilities.

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