CloudOn: iPad and Office are changing the way workers use enterprise software

by Doug Drinkwater

November 29 2012

Gadekar (middle) with TabTimes CEO Patrick Pierra (left) and Roambi CEO Santiago Becerra
Gadekar (middle) with TabTimes CEO Patrick Pierra (left) and Roambi CEO Santiago Becerra

CloudOn CEO Milind Gadekar has said that tablets are doing wonders for revitalizing the use of enterprise software, but hints that future growth is achievable through Microsoft Office.

NEW YORK -- Speaking at the second TabletBiz keynote in New York, Gadekar said that the firm has overcome the inventory problems it experienced with its cloud service iPad app earlier in the year, and input that tablet growth is changing the face of enterprise software.

“Enterprise software used to be about functionality and nobody cared about usability. But the way of selling enterprise software has now completely changed, and you’re now selling to the end user," said the CloudOn CEO, who added that 80% of its users sign up to the service using personal email addresses.

But it's not just tablets helping enterprise software to change, with Gadekar suggesting that future growth could be dependent on how successful Microsoft Office is on mobile devices running iOS (which is where 95% of CloudOn's users come from), Android and Windows 8.

“[Microsoft] Office may even be a bigger platform than Facebook. 1.2 billion people are using different flavors of Office so we definitely see Office as a very competitive tool in enterprise. We're hoping to keep pushing on that front.”

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  • marklee
    1 year 12 months ago

    Indeed, in our survey, we found MS Office ranks as one of the top apps consistently used by our 11 million Splashtop Remote Desktop users. We see the fastest, easiest way to access Office on iPad is by turning everyone's own PC/MAC to be his/her personal cloud to deliver Office and documents... all your apps and documents are on your computer. No need to sync files nor move documents to public cloud. You have already paid for your Office license on your computer... just use it remotely. Besides Office, all other favorite PC/MAC apps, and even games, are readily available on your iPad

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