Samsung and Google reportedly close to launching a new 10-inch Nexus tablet

by Doug Drinkwater

July 25 2013

Google is apparently working with Samsung on a new 10-inch Nexus tablet
Google is apparently working with Samsung on a new 10-inch Nexus tablet

Google isn’t easing up after announcing the second-generation Nexus 7 yesterday – a new report claims that the search giant is also once again teaming up with Samsung for a new 10-inch Nexus tablet.

Wall Street Journal reporter Amir Afrati revealed on Twitter that the tablet is to arrive “in the near future”, news which he apparently learned after speaking to Android and Chrome chief Sundar Pichai.

Should this tablet come to market, the timing wouldn’t be overly surprising. Google’s Nexus 7 is to hit retail stores on July 30, and last year the search giant waited roughly three months before releasing the first-generation Nexus 10.

Such news could also indicate that Google has downsized on its screen size requirements for the follow-up model, especially as earlier reports had hinted at the next Nexus tablet having an 11-inch screen.

Samsung is a logical partner for Google having combined on the first Nexus 10, although the Korean giant is supposedly developing its own new 10-inch Android tablet that could pose a threat to the incoming Nexus 10.

Google will certainly be hoping that any follow-up model to the Nexus 10 fares better than the original. Mobile analyst Benedict Evans recently estimated that the firm sold just 680,000 units in the three months from December to March.

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