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Are phablets cannibalizing 7-inch tablets?

by TabTimes Staff

August 7 2013

Tablet OEM manufacturers are apparently worried that 6-inch phablets from Sony, Samsung and HTC might be having an adverse effect on smaller tablets.

Citing “sources from the tablet sector”, Digitimes reports an incoming wave of these larger smartphones – or phablets as they have been dubbed – could undermine 7-inch tablet demand, particularly if the phablets are offered with a telecom package.

In recent times, Samsung has launched the 6.3-inch Mega and is expected to unveil the new Galaxy Note next month, while Sony and China-based Huawei have also jumped into the market with the Xperia ZU and Ascend Mate, respectively.

Nokia last month announced the Lumia 925, which is essentially an affordable phablet with 4G connectivity, while BlackBerry and HTC are also widely-reported to be about to enter this space.

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  • John Swain
    8 months 1 week ago

    Laptops cannibalize desktops, that are eaten by tablets, to be consumed by phablets, to eaten by?.... Yes you know where I'm going with this, it's the "TIWY" computer in your pocket. Never heard of it? "Take It With You" Computer.

    I'll described it for you. 4 gigs ram, 128 gb, Arm 57 soc with 64 bit with dual Android/Windows OS architecture, usb 3, hdmi, so that you leave the widescreen and key board at the home and office with all files in cloud with a TB backup hard drive updated at home. Let's throw in 1080p with a 41 mp camera, and a 6.9 zero bezel waterproof screen with edge screen readabilty. OMG, for all the "Sheldons" out there.

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