Some ticked off by Apple’s new iPad announcements

by David Needle

October 25 2012

Apple's surprise introduction of a new iPad with Retina display upset some current iPad owners.
Apple's surprise introduction of a new iPad with Retina display upset some current iPad owners.

"Yay, a new iPad." That may have been the sentiment of lots of Apple fans, but some customers weren’t so happy with all of Cupertino’s announcements this week

Anyone who even remotely follows tech knew the iPad mini was going to be announced Tuesday. But Apple also surprised by showing off a new iPad that replaces the iPad with Retina display released only seven months. 

The so-called 4th generation iPad features a faster A6 processor and better cameras than the model it replaces at the same starting price of $499.

But as the San Jose Mercury News reported today, some iPad owners are mad the “new” iPad they purchased earlier this year now feels obsolete.

"I bought a iPad 3 in August and definitely feel cheated," Phillip Briseno posted on the Mercury News’ Facebook page.

Steve Higgs said that when he bought his third-generation iPad on Sunday, Apple should have told him "that in 48 hours it would be outdated."

An unscientific flash poll of about 1,400 Apple users by CouponCodes4u, a coupon website that frequently polls consumers, found that the majority of owners of the suddenly “old” iPad, 83%, felt "cheated" by the iPad 4 announcement.

But one analyst says that if the iPad people are already using does what they expected it to, they shouldn't be mad at Apple. 

"I don't think they (Apple) owe people anything," said Stephen Baker, VP of industry analysis at NPD Group. "If the iPad 3 worked for you great two days ago, it still works for you today, so I don't know why you would feel cheated."

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  • technofreak1
    2 years 3 weeks ago

    Baker is an idiot even if he works for NPD because most people that buy an ipad buy because they think they are buying the best tablet, if you tell them two days later its already outdated they will cheated as they already do not own what they believed was the best tablet so my question is how does Baker work for an industry analysis is he doesn't understand marketing and how the ipad sells so well

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