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New hopTo for iPad claims more intuitive approach to remote desktop access

by David Needle

December 10 2012

hopTo offers iPad users remote access to desktop apps and documents via a multi-touch, enhanced user interface.
hopTo offers iPad users remote access to desktop apps and documents via a multi-touch, enhanced user interface.

There are plenty of choices for accessing your desktop apps on your iPad or Android tablet, but hopTo Inc says its namesake new app offers a more natural, intuitive approach.

hopTo, a wholly owned subsidiary of Graphon Corp., says the app is currently still in limited beta, but it expects the finished version to take on established players such as GoToMyPC, Splashtop, TeamViewer and LogMeIn. You can sign up for the beta at the company’s website.

“hopTo has the potential to transform the way we connect to and interact with our most important documents, regardless of where they are stored,” says Eldad Eilam, President and CEO of hopTo. “It offers the power and flexibility of the PC, but with a mobile-centric user experience."

hopTo's distinction is that rather than just bring the PC desktop to a tablet user, it lets users browse, edit and save documents and files on their PC through an "easy, user-centric, multi-touch enhanced user interface that feels natural to the mobile device.”

The company is also planning to offer full support for Microsoft’s Office Suite, expansion into cloud storage services, and support for multiple PCs. A version for Android devices and the iPhone are also planned.

COO Christoph Berlin said hopTo gives users the ability to search, access and edit files on their personal PC and cloud storage services simultaneously. As a result he says “tablet devices will take on an entirely new role in the personal cloud environment."

A company spokesperson said the finished release is slated for the first quarter of 2013. 

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