Zappos updates iOS app; lets shoppers apply negative filtering

by David Needle

May 20 2013

Shopping sites are only too happy to present you with a wide-range of products and services to buy and search options to find them. But now online shopping giant Zappos has added a new wrinkle in an update to its iOS app.

With negative filtering, you can screen searches based on what you don’t want to see rather than sift thru a bunch of options. You might know, for example, you want new shoes, but not brown ones.

Zappos head of mobile, Aki Iida, told TechCrunch that negative filtering was one of the most requested features users have been asking for.

Figuring out tablets

While recognizing the limitations of small-screen smartphones, Iida says his mobile team is looking at way to “reinvent the core of the Zappos experience” to optimize it for whatever device the app is running on.

“We’re trying to figure out tablets,” Iida said. “Tablets are more of a discovery device, where people are finding out about products and engaging with them.”

Part of its strategy will be to extend the in-house product shots and videos Zappos is known for on its website to tablets, perhaps making them even more prevalent.

Amazon bought Zappos in 2009. 

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