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HP's Meg Whitman reckons webOS can prevail over ‘fragmented’ Android

by Doug Drinkwater

February 8 2012

HP CEO Meg Whitman expects Google's open-source Android to be more closed on Google's acquisition of Motorola
HP CEO Meg Whitman expects Google's open-source Android to be more closed on Google's acquisition of Motorola

HP may have just come off the back of a troublesome 12 months with the webOS operating system, but CEO Meg Whitman has said that the firm will try again with the platform, and with tablets as a whole.

Speaking with CRN recently, CEO Meg Whitman said that the operating system, which was born out of HP's acquisition of Palm in 2011 but which HP tried to sell or license later on in the year, has the potential to trouble the likes of Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

“We’re going to build a new business together,” said Whitman, when explaining the firm's efforts with webOS to CRN. ”We’re going to build another operating system that has huge advantages, in my view, over iOS, which is a closed system, [and] Android, which is incredibly fragmented and may ultimately be more closed with [Google's] acquisition of Motorola Mobility.”

Despite the fact that HP has shelved plans to abandon webOS, the company has ditched the operating system, which was used on the TouchPad tablet, for Windows 8 for future tablet products.

“We have to have a tablet offering,” said Whitman. “We will be back in that business. We’re coming back into the market with a Windows 8 tablet, first on an x86 chip and then maybe on an ARM chip.”

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