Microsoft increases tablet virtualization fees, wants to slow enterprise iPad adoption

by Doug Drinkwater

April 25 2012

Microsoft is increasing the fees involved with tablet virtualization
Microsoft is increasing the fees involved with tablet virtualization

Fearing that the iPad may already be running away with market share in the enterprise space, Microsoft has this week announced an additional licensing fee for businesses running virtualization software on Apple and Android tablets in order to access Windows programs.

The software giant has bolted on an the Companion Device License (CDL) to the existing Software Assurance (SA) volume licensing agreement, which – according to CRN - enterprise users will need to when looking to push these desktop virtualization apps to non-Windows slates.

This news basically means that SA-approved corporations using tablets to access a company's Windows environment via some kind of virtualization software (like Citrix or VMware) will need to pay the additional CDL fee to continue accessing Windows programs on Android, iOS and BlackBerry tablets. It is believed that each CDL license will allow up to four iPads or Android tablets to use virtualization programs.

The good news for those looking to buy a Windows 8 tablet in the near future is that this charge will not feature on those tablets running the Windows RT operating system, as these users will automatically receive the licensing rights free of charge. As a reminder, Windows RT is the new name for ARM-powered Windows 8 devices, such as all-in-one PCs and Windows 8 tablets.

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  • Integr8
    2 years 7 months ago

    Excellent. Another anti-competitive attempt at monopoly from Microsoft. Why am I not surprised?So, it is off to LogMeIn, Teamviewer, etc. And as soon as I can figure out how to do my work from an Ubuntu, or MacOS device, Microsoft will lose another OS customer. Let them take their ball and go home. I won't care.

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