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Microsoft is struggling with Windows 8 sales, claims report

by Doug Drinkwater

December 24 2012

Windows 8 is seen by many as the biggest reinvention of Microsoft's OS since Windows 95
Windows 8 is seen by many as the biggest reinvention of Microsoft's OS since Windows 95

Microsoft is having a hard time convincing people that Windows 8 is off to a good start, with a new report hinting at poor sales for the new operating system.

Just one month on from the claims that Windows 8 sales were “well below" Microsoft’s internal projections, the president of the Acer America division Emmanuel Fromont told The New York Times that sales have been lower than expected.

“It’s a slow start, there’s no question,” said Fromont.

The Acer exec wasn’t the only industry observer to tell the source about Microsoft’s struggle with the cross-platform OS with NPD DisplaySearch analyst Stephen Baker also jumping in. “I think everybody would have hoped for a better start.”

Asus CFO David Chang previously aired his concern by saying that demand for Windows is ‘not that good right now’ in November, but Microsoft publically at least has tried to maintain a positive spin.

The firm was forced to deny rumors of modest sales for the Surface RT, its tablet running a version of Windows 8, and crowed about there being 40 million upgrades to the new operating system after just a month.

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