Microsoft chops $100 off Surface Pro tablets

by Doug Drinkwater

August 5 2013

Microsoft has shaved 10% off the price of the 64GB and 128GB Surface Pro tablets
Microsoft has shaved 10% off the price of the 64GB and 128GB Surface Pro tablets

The price cuts just keep coming for Microsoft’s Surface tablets. One month on from reducing the price of its Surface RT tablets and the Redmond giant has sliced 10% off the 64GB and 128GB Surface Pro models.

The deal sees the 64GB Surface Pro drop to $799, with the 128GB model falling to $899. The discounts do not include a Touch or Type Cover.

Bar the storage, both models have identical specs including Windows 8 Pro, a 10.6-inch 1920 x 1200 resolution display and a third-generation Core i5 processor with 4GB of RAM.

However, while the recent Surface RT discounts are permanent, Microsoft has confirmed that these discounts will only run from August 4 to August 29 and will only be available in the U.S, Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The deals are now available from Microsoft’s website.

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  • John Swain
    1 year 3 months ago

    Microsoft, do you remember what your business model is? It's software, software, and more software. It's the best, most widely used Office software in the world. It has become a legacy with a shelf-life lasting decades. And you tease us every 3 to 5 years with minor marketing tweaks that convince us to re-spend hundreds of dollars for what is perceived to be the latest and greatest version of "Word." You guys are the epitome of marketing genius.

    So, then you decide that you'll try your hand at hardware. Hardware has a technological shelf-life of 3 nano-seconds. Did you use your marketing prowess by pre-loading MS Office into your shiny new hardware? Heck no. That would be too obvious. Why give our loyal customers anything? Rather than loading an edition of MS Office, ( $79 to $129) depending on the sale, inside the hardware from day one, we'll wait till we miss the market, then we'll discount the old lady by a $100 to $150 dollars and make her look like a useless slob at a beauty contest.

    You knuckleheads would not have taken an inventory write-down of nearly a billion bucks. You would have positioned your re-entry into the purveyance of hardware as a classic way of extending your commitment to the next generation of Windows software.

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