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Microsoft to iPad users - 'Trade that thing in for a real tablet'

by David Needle

September 12 2013

Microsoft is offering iPad users a $200 trade-in credit toward the purchase of a new Surface tablet or other products in the Microsoft Store.
Microsoft is offering iPad users a $200 trade-in credit toward the purchase of a new Surface tablet or other products in the Microsoft Store.

Okay, Microsoft doesn't say that in its promo, but isn't that the real point of suggesting it's time to trade-in your iPad? 

Say this for Microsoft, it's the only name vendor to go after the best-selling iPad directly with head-to-head comparison ads that claim Surface and other Windows tablets are better.

Now Microsoft is upping the ante with a new trade-in program that gives iPad users a minimum of $200 trade-in credit. 

Here's the deal. Microsoft says you can trade in a "gently used iPad 2,3 or 4" at Microsoft stores for a $200 gift card that can be used at the store towards the purchase of a new Surface RT or Surface Pro tablet or other products at the Microsoft Store (it can't be used online). 

Microsoft's Surface RT starts at $349. The 64G Surface Pro tablet that runs the full range of Windows desktop software is priced starting at $799. 

The offer is available now and runs until October 27, 2013 "in select Microsoft retail stores" in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico) and Canada). 

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  • Quickmiester
    7 months 1 week ago

    This deal is a good one for those that want a productivity focused lightweight laptop with a detachable keyboard. The iPad is not designed for a productivity focus, but for entertainment. If one purchased or received an iPad and was frustrated by not being able to use it well for productivity applications this is a great opportunity to exchange it for a Surface RT that is designed with productivity in mind.

    Having MS Office built in and an optional keyboard makes the Surface RT an awesome device to get work done away from the office. I know, I have one and I no longer need to lug around my heavy laptop anymore. Surface RT does the deal for me. Some iPad owners who have an underused iPad will make quite a killing off of this opportunity.

  • mbk28
    7 months 1 week ago

    If we make a change an ipad against reduce price for a microsoft tablet, we are crazy, and microsoft don't know how to sell it's very bad product were it's impossible to work.
    I saw it and it's crazy and like windows 8, microsoft must change the soft, and perhaps we can use it like external hard disk

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