IT security pro slams BYOD as an ‘unregulated mess’

by Doug Drinkwater

November 12 2013

Natalya Kaspersky says that BYOD is an "unregulated mess"
Natalya Kaspersky says that BYOD is an "unregulated mess"

The bring-your-own-device trend has its share of haters but perhaps few are more outspoken than IT security mogul Natalya Kaspersky, who has branded the global phenomenon as a “mess" that was "given a beautiful name”.

Speaking with Computer Business Review recently, Kaspersky – the current CEO of InfoWatch and former spouse of Eugene Kaspersky (yes, that Kaspersky, of Internet security solutions fame) – said that BYOD was nearly impossible to manage because there is no tool to support all devices and operating systems.

"I don't even think BYOD is a concept at all, honestly speaking,” said Kaspersky. “In my opinion, it's a mess that was given a beautiful name. It is an unregulated mess.”

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As a result, she says that there is currently only two scenarios where BYOD works; where the company is “careless and thinks it’s important is not that important” and where the company understands that their data could potentially be breached.

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