iPad 2 vs Kindle Fire: Which tablet has the worst problems?

by David Needle

February 17 2012

(Source: FixYa)
(Source: FixYa)

FixYa, the community site for trouble shooting information, put the two hottest-selling tablets under its statistical microscope to determine what the biggest issues consumers are having with them.

The short version, by FixYa's reckoning, is that Apple’s iPad 2 is a more secure, more customizable device than Amazon’s less expensive Kindle Fire that’s “plagued with many more issues than the iPad 2.” 

The report, based on tens of thousands of issues reported at FixYa’s site for each device, says the Kindle Fire’s One-Click shopping feature is the top complaint, even though it also provides a great convenience. 

Once you’ve stored your credit card on the Kindle Fire, shopping at the site becomes as easy as a single click to purchase items. “Although convenient, consumers complain that the lack of password authorization represents a huge security issue, with the possibility of accidental purchases (such as children or touchscreen foul-ups) and greater losses in the case of theft,” FixYs said in a release. 

The specific complaint, that came in at 30% of the total, is that user’s can’t turn off one-click shopping feature. Wi-Fi connectivity issues (25%); No parental settings (15%); Touchscreen precision (15%) and USB issues (10%) round out the top five. 

FixYa says the Kindle Fire's Wi-Fi “has been plagued with significant issues from the start, with numerous FixYa users complaining of faulty connections, getting kicked off in the middle of browsing, and being unable to connect to the Internet at all.” 

FixYa’s Tablet Report also lists possible fixes for the problems listed for both the Kindle Fire and iPad 2.

Top Five iPad complaints

On the iPad side of the fence, Wi-Fi connection issues topped the complaint list at 35%. 

FixYa says iPad 2 owners have reported fairly widespread issues with connecting to (and staying connected to) Wi-Fi. 

Rounding out FixYa’s complaint list for the iPad were: LED Display issues (15%), Microphone quality (15%); USB issues (10%) and Screen issues (10%)

It’s not clear whether there’s a confusion over terms or other glitch in the results but the 10% for USB issues is curious since the iPad doesn’t have a USB port. It’s also possible the “issue” being cited is simply that, lack of a USB port. 

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  • Xennex1170
    2 years 9 months ago

    I'm going to guess that the USB issues are the USB connection between the iPad and the computer. Perhaps data transfer or power problems.

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