Who wants an iPad 3? A majority of Kindle Fire owners, according to TechBargains survey

by David Needle

February 24 2012

As anticipation mounts over the expected debut of the iPad 3 next month, a survey of Kindle Fire owners shows a surprising number are ready to buy Apple’s new device.

Apple will unveil a new iPad on March 7 at an event in San Francisco, if the  rumor mill and “sources close to the company” are to be trusted. Apple hasn’t commented on its product plans or whether an iPad 3 is even in the works. 

But when it does release a new iPad, a survey of Amazon Kindle owners indicates a majority of them will be ready to upgrade to Apple’s new device. TechBargains, a deal aggregation site for electronic products, said 48% of the 1,305 customers it surveyed plan to buy an iPad 3, while 16% said they wouldn’t because of the anticipated high price. More than half of those surveyed who own Amazon’s Kindle Fire, said they’ll buy an iPad 3. Overall, 35% remain undecided.

Only 89 Kindle Fire owners responded in the survey, so it's hardly a large sample.

“When it comes to tablets, Apple’s iPad will continue to remain the leader,” said Yung Trang, President and Editor in Chief of TechBargains.com. “But what’s very interesting is that Kindle Fire was released just three months ago and yet more than half of Fire owners already know that they will, in fact, buy the iPad 3. This could be a commentary on consumer dissatisfaction with Amazon’s product or simply a message that the iPad’s user experience remains unparalleled.”

Amazon is rumored to be working on its own new Kindle Fire models for release later this year, including one with 10-inch screen; the current model sports a 7-inch display.

A recent survey by FixYa showed consumers are reporting more complaints related to the Kindle Fire than Apple’s more expensive iPad 2 ($199 versus $499 for the base models).  Consumers at the community trouble shooting site complained about WiFi connectivity issues related to both devices, but the Kindle Fire’s One-Click shopping was a top complaint unique to Amazon’s device. 

“Although convenient, consumers complain that the lack of password authorization represents a huge security issue, with the possibility of accidental purchases (such as children or touchscreen foul-ups) and greater losses in the case of theft,” said FixYa.  

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  • David Needle
    2 years 8 months ago
    It's a fair point Marvin, the sample size is really small.
  • Xennex1170
    2 years 8 months ago

    Wait, so let me get this straight. 1305 Kindle customers were surveyed, 48% said they planned on buying an iPad3, of those 1305 only 89 were Kindle Fire owners and more than half of the 89 are planning on the iPad3. This warrants a news title "Who wants an iPad 3? A majority of Kindle Fire owners, according to TechBargains survey"?! Assuming a conservative estimate of 3million Kindle FIRE units 89 doesn't even show up as about 3/1000 of a PERCENT. Ok, even given the benefit of the doubt, the sample size is WAY too small to make such a claim.

  • david
    2 years 9 months ago
    Hey Brock, you're right! It's like the less the say the more coverage they get. Thanks for the comment and link -- David Needle

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