Three in four companies support BYOD schemes [infographic]

by Doug Drinkwater

May 9 2012

Employees who work for BYOD-supporting companies tend to happier, according to Xigo data
Employees who work for BYOD-supporting companies tend to happier, according to Xigo data

A new infographic from Xigo, a provider of mobile expense management solutions, reveals that 75% of companies support bring-your-own-device schemes, and shows that 61% of those firms allowing BYOD have higher employee satisfaction.

The data, published today, shows that 50% of businesses allow any device, with 25% eager to specify which device can be used in the workplace. Around one-in-four business do not allow BYOD schemes.

As a whole, the infographic shows that both managers and employees view BYOD as a positive trend, certainly when it comes down to employee productivity and satisfaction. 50% of IT managers said that they believe BYOD improves productivity, while 60% of the surveyed employees said they wanted their employers to support some kind of BYOD initiative.

As a further marker for just how much people want to use their own devices at work, a staggering 40% of college students and 45% of employees said they would be willing to accept a lesser-paid job, providing they could use their own smartphone or tablet at work.

There is some good news for businesses too, with Xigo revealing Aberdeen data which shows that data plans for corporately-owned devices hit around $80 per user per month, with this figure falling to $70 for privately owned goods, indicating that smartphone and tablet users are not quite so care-free with data when using their own device.

Finally, there’s some sound advice for those companies deploying tablets, with Xigo recommending seven ways to save on mobile expenses in the workplace. It advises to;

  • Match data plans to actual needs
  • Re-negotiate these plans if things change
  • Compare your bills to your contracts
  • Eliminate cramming
  • Track non-work use
  • Weed out system abusers
  • Find unused devices

The Real Cost of BYOD [Infographic]

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