Smartphone comparison study reveals tablet users are older, play more games & spend more time with apps

by Doug Drinkwater

October 30 2012

Flurry's study revealed that most tablet users are over the age of 25
Flurry's study revealed that most tablet users are over the age of 25

Advertising and analytics company Flurry has published a new report on how tablet users differ from their smartphone counterparts.

The study took a snapshot from more than 6 billion app sessions across 500 million ‘smart’ devices in September, and broke down how tablet and smartphone users compare when it comes to age, gender, time of day usage, category usage and engagement.

Leveraging demographic data from more than 30 million consumers, Flurry found the average tablet owner age to be 34, with this dropping to 30 years old for smartphone users.

Data from the study showed that there were more tablet than smartphone owners over the age of 35, with Flurry’s Peter Farago also remarking that “nearly three quarters of smartphone users are 34 years of age or younger, while more than two thirds of tablet user are 25 years or older”.

The study found there to be little difference in the gender split for tablets, although this tilted slightly towards men for smartphones, and reiterated previous studies by saying that tablets are used more often in the evening (between times of 7pm and 10pm).

While it may be argued that this data is not exactly ground-breaking, there was an interesting breakdown of tablet and smartphone usage by category.

Flurry found that gaming is the most popular activity for 67% of tablet users, with this falling to 39% for smartphone users. Social networking (10%) and general entertainment (9%) fell second and third respectively for tablets, with productivity cited by 1% of tablet users.

App engagement also proved for interesting reading, not least for developers who would have noted that tablet users spend more time once in an app (8.2 minutes on average, compared to 4.3 minutes for smartphones), although smartphone apps are checked more frequently on a weekly basis.

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