Some tablet owners have completely ditched their laptop

by Doug Drinkwater

May 8 2013

An increasing number of tablet owners are using their device to replace their laptop
An increasing number of tablet owners are using their device to replace their laptop

If you use your iPad, Surface or Android tablet for trawling the net, replying to emails or even as a laptop replacement, you are not alone.

A new study from online retail aggregate BuyVia has dived into how tablet owners use their devices and reveals that email, web browsing and playing games are the most popular activities.

In contrast, the study – which had 1,000 respondents with 65% of these owning a tablet – found that tablets were far less likely to be used for video conferencing, taking pictures and videos or listening to music.

However, while these results may appear to show that most tablet owners use their device for light communication and entertainment, it looks like there is also a hardy bunch now using their tablet to replace their laptop.

A third of surveyed tablet owners said that their device replaced the use of their tablet for between 25% and 50% of the time, with one-fifth saying that this extended to 75% of the time. Another 20% claimed that their tablet had replaced their laptop entirely.

BuyVia also looked at the tablets being used by survey respondents and unsurprisingly declared Apple’s iPad to be the most popular device. 60% of respondents said that they owned the iOS model (note: no split was given between iPad and iPad mini), 17% had the Kindle Fire and 10% used a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The outlook wasn’t as rosy for Google or Microsoft though, with only 4% having Google's Nexus 7 and just 1% admitted to having the Microsoft Surface. Another 9% claimed that they had something different, but didn’t detail which model.

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  • John Swain
    1 year 6 months ago

    Tablets "far less likely to be used for teleconferencing, photos, music," etc. Well the other 9% that did not fall into the survey were not given the opportunity to disclose that the phablet was their choice to accomplish all of the above. Read this as the Galaxy Note line of devices

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