iPad trade-ins grow tenfold as iPad 3 approaches the horizon

by Doug Drinkwater

February 29 2012

eBay says that most tablet trade-ins are first or second-generation iPads
eBay says that most tablet trade-ins are first or second-generation iPads

Just one week before the Apple will supposedly announce the iPad 3, Auction giant eBay says that tablet trade-ins have increased tenfold compared to last year.

The auction reseller collected the results from its Instant Service, which allows users to swap their old hardware devices for cash. Interestingly, and perhaps not surprisingly, eBay found that 97.6% of tablets being traded in were iPad 1 or iPad 2 tablets.

The overbearing opinion is that these are users preparing to gather the funding for an iPad 3, although it is also thought that iPad 1 shortages on launch meant that some users only had their tablets for a matter of months before the launch of the iPad 2.

Apple looks likely to launch the iPad 3 in San Francisco on March 7.

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  • Xennex1170
    2 years 7 months ago

    Ok, depending on who is 'buying-back' these iPad 1 & 2s. If those numbers are known and they are significant, should those not be reflected in numbers used for 'market share' to represent the target devices that could potentially purchase any given app? (e.g. if they end up in a warehouse to say get refurbished and replace those currently in use, they should be subtracted from the grand total since they have been effectively removed from use, and have a 1:1 swap ratio when replacing a damaged one.) If done correctly Apple could claim much more 'accurate' numbers for their devices. On the other hand if the tablet market ends up like the smartphone their current claims will also drop to only effectively being "most popular tablet", from "Most popular tablet OS".

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