NYT rolls out digital subscription plan for groups and companies

by Tom Dunlap

November 21 2011

If you like reading the New York Times on your tablet while at work, then you may be in luck. The Gray Lady says it’s ready to start extending sales of its “all access” digital subscriptions across tablets and smartphones to companies with more than 50 workers.

There are now three ways to pay for digital access to the Times content (not counting the occasional discount). The newspaper regularly charges $35 for complete monthly access to the NYT’s website, smartphone and tablet content, and $15 a month for the site and smartphone access. It will cost $20 a month for the site and tablet only. Print subscribers also get the option of free digital access.

The new group subscription rates will be offered according to these three tiers, and rates will be calculated based on the total number of people a company adds.

The move can only help the newspaper’s steadily growing digital subscriptions. The Times only discloses the number of digital subscriptions during its quarterly earnings. It announced in October that it has made steady progress on its metered paywall, saying that it had 324,000 paid digital subscribers -- compared to 224,000 in the second quarter. Overall, including paid and sponsored relationships, the paper has more than 1.2 million digital subscribers.

The company hopes that as readers get used to opening the Times on their tablets and other mobile devices, they’ll want to convert to more full-fledged subscribtions. However, that digital subscription number could dip when then paper ends an unusual campaign it is running with Lincoln-sponsored subscriptions. 

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