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Zite personalized news reading app now available for Android phones and tablets

by David Needle

March 29 2012

Zite lets you choose from a number of different interest areas and sends relevant articles your way.
Zite lets you choose from a number of different interest areas and sends relevant articles your way.

Until today, Zite was only available on the iPad and Apple iOS devices. In releasing for Android, Zite beats rival Flipboard which for the time being seems content to stick to iOS.

“We’ve been getting lots of requests for an Android version since our launch, and with hundreds of millions of devices in use, developing one was a no brainer,” Zite, which was acquired by CNN, said in a blog post.

Zite’s differentiating feature is a focus on providing a personalized news stream based on areas of interest you choose from as part of the registration process. Zite also strives to get a better understanding of the kind of articles you prefer over time via the thumbs up or down button users can press that acompanies articles.  

While Apple has stricter guidelines as to what applications it accepts for distribution via the App Store, the process of developing for iPad and iPhone is a lot cleaner than for Android which is available in multiple versions across many different devices. 

“In the process of building the app, the Zite development team has learned to take into account the wide variance of devices and OS versions in the Android ecosystem—an issue that we’ve had to deal with much less on iOS!” Zite said in the post. 

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