Pulse says four billion articles have now been read on its mobile and tablet apps

by Doug Drinkwater

November 1 2012

Flipboard isn’t the only news aggregator to be benefiting from the rise of smartphones and tablets – rival Pulse has just announced some strong figures relating to users and the number of people reading stories on its iOS and Android apps.

The firm, otherwise known as Alphonso Labs, has become one of the most prominent players in news aggregation alongside Flipboard and Zite since launching in 2010 and announced the new user figures on its official blog.

As this news was announced, Alphonso Labs also introduced Pulse Insights; a data and design initiative which will essentially see the company report on any reader shifts within its own community. These reports will detail everything from reading differences between iOS and Android to the average lifecycle of a news story.

Pulse’s new reader figures are listed below:

  • Pulse now is reported to have over 20 million users (this would, if correct, put Pulse on par with Flipboard)
  • 4 billion stories have been read since Pulse’s launch in May 2010
  • It took 100 days for Pulse to reach 10 million read stories…
  • …but the firm now says that more than 10 million stories are now being read each day

Pulse has apps for the iPad, iPhone, Android and the web.

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