Latest Apple iPad ads hit you with the message: ‘Bam!, have we got apps ...’

by David Needle

February 18 2013

Apple's new "Together" ad shows both the iPad and iPad mini.
Apple's new "Together" ad shows both the iPad and iPad mini.

Apple didn’t become a technology kingpin without a whole lot of clever and expensive marketing (i.e. ads) that generally seem to resonate with consumers. A new round of ads for the iPad focus mainly on apps, though at least one briefly continues a recent theme of highlighting compatibility between the standard, 9.7-inch iPad and the iPad mini.

The new ads come at a time when analysts believe Apple’s share of the overall tablet market is slipping a bit even as its overall sales numbers continue to grow.

Two new ads “Alive” and “Together” feature a blur of different apps for the iPad. In the 30-second Alive spot we see a finger swipe thru apps for music, health, fashion and science and more as a narrating chorus shouts “loud”, “deep” and “alive” at different points with a catchy tune in the background.

The overall effect is similar to the kind of fun, blaring opening to Modern Family.

Says AppleInsider: "Apple's new ads focus on the software driving its tablet lineup, an ecosystem exclusive to iOS that rivals have yet to match."

Apple offers over 300,000 apps at its App Store specifically designed for the iPad. Rival Google doesn’t break out how many Android apps are specifically designed for tablets in its Google Play store which features apps for both smartphones and tablets. It does now offer a section of featured apps for tablets.

Google has made a push in recent months to encourage development of higher quality Android tablet apps including a set of guidelines designed to help developers take advantage of the larger screen sizes tablets offer. 

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  • Wicked1
    1 year 9 months ago

    As I've said many times before, the number of apps is incredibly irrelevant. Who the heck cares if you have 100,000 apps or 300,000 - actually only reviewers. If I were a betting person, I would bet the percentage of individuals who bought an iPad because of the number of apps available is in the low single digits.

    More importantly, it has been noted recently that developers are now developing apps for Android before developing iPad apps. In many cases when porting those apps to the iPad, they are not necessarily optimized for it. Why, because while the iPad was the first and originally the only game in town, Android has now surpassed the iPad in sales worldwide and developers see a growing market for Android versus a mature market for the iPad worldwide.

    Maybe that's why Apple is now focusing on the number of iPad apps??

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