Astronauts to receive two iPads and stuffed Angry Bird

by Doug Drinkwater

October 27 2011

In one of the stranger deployments of tablets, the Russian space program will send a pair of iPad tablets and a stuffed Angry Birds toy to astronauts at the International Space Station.

NASA confirmed that the iPads are only entertainment purposes at present and said that the tablets will join other Apple products on board, including a number of iPods and an iPhone.

The stuffed Angry Birds toy will accompany the next three crew members to leave for the International Space Station, and will be used to signal to the launching cosmonauts, and the NASA astronaut, that they have made it to space, when it starts to float.

Both the iPads and the stuffed Angry Birds toy will be sent in an un-manned re-supply vehicle to the ISS next month.

According to sources, NASA is still reviewing other tablet systems and plans to fly at least one more tablet to the ISS next year. A recent NASA video showed that some tablets are being used by NEEMO-15 aquanauts for task management at its Aquarius undersea habitat.

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