IBM Report: 7% of all online Christmas-day sales made by iPads

by George Jones

December 27 2011

Total sales across all mobile devices on Dec. 25 accounted for 14.4% of all online sales, which represents a 173% increase over 2010.

The Coremetrics Benchmark goes on to say that on its own, the iPad accounted for an astonishing 7% of total online sales on Christmas day and 6% of all online mobile device traffic on December 26, 2011.

Furthermore, total online sales for December 25 grew by 16.4% versus last year, while December 26 totals jumped 27.8%. These numbers are consistent with IBM's findings for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which also indicated substantial increases and online retail usage by iPad owners. 

IBM's Coremetrics team derives this data by tracking millions of transactions each day. The company provides these metrics to marketers and retailers as a service. 

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