Small business set to power future tablet growth (Infographic)

March 5 2013

A new infographic by business software vendor Intuit captures some key forecast data on where tablet sales are headed across a range of businesses from small to large.

Drawing on recent research by IDC and Intermedia, Intuit’s infographic (see below) shows the biggest compound annual growth for tablets coming from the smallest companies. These “micro” firms, with fewer than 10 employees, will see 98% growth in tablet adoption from 2011 to 2016.

Tablet growth projections across the other three business segments are plenty strong as well:

Enterprise (1,000+ employees) is set for 62.7% growth; Mid-size companies (100-999) 50.8% growth; and Small companies (10-99) will see 78.5% tablet growth.

For 2013, IDC predicts U.S. small business adoption of tablet will grow 114% from 4.9 million to 10.4 million tablets.

"Adoption of tablet computing is growing exponentially, for a very good reason: they're a highly efficient, focused way of running a small business from the palm of your hand," Intuit said, in a note accompanying the Infographic

iPad dominates, but who's that in second place?

With a 92.6% share, the market leading iPad is the overwhelmingly choice of small business.

Surprisingly, the BlackBerry Playbook comes in second at 5.3% followed Microsoft’s new Surface at 2.1%. After a shaky start, BlackBerry’s Playbook has been a non-contender the past year, though the company plans to release a version of its new BB10 software for Playbook owners soon and is mulling plans to release a new tablet


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