Online sales twice higher from tablets than smartphones: Forrester

by Patrick Pierra

May 13 2014

Forrester projects that, in 2014, $76 billion will be spent by consumers for goods and services from tablet devices, while $38 billion will be spent from mobile phones.

T-commerce --online sales from tablet devices, whether via the web or transactional apps-- is now a major force driving the growth of e-commerce. That’s the main takeaway from a new research report by Forrester.

Here are a the key figures:

Sales from all mobile devices (tablets and phones) will total $114 billion in 2014, of which:

  • $86 billion in e-commerce sales, dominated by media goods (video, music, books), clothing and consumer electronics. That’s 29% of the projected total of $294B in e-commerce sales from all devices (computers + mobile) in 2014.
  • $28 billion in sales in other categories, such as travel (including Uber), food services and restaurant ordering, which are not part of Forrester's usual definition of online retail.

Split by device category:

  • 67% ($76B) will be spent from tablets in 2014 and
  • 33% ($38B) will be spent from mobile phones.

Still, a surprisingly low number of mobile users actually buy from their own device. Forrester estimates that:

  • 31% of tablet owners will make purchases on a tablet in 2014. This share is projected to grow to 61% by 2018.
  • 38% of smartphone owners will make purchases on a phone in 2014. This share is projected to grow to 55% by 2018.

Going forward, Forrester forecasts that sales from mobile devices will grow to $293 billion in 2018 - or 2.5 times the $114B projected for this year.

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