Zynga's 'Words With Friends' is coming to the messaging app Tango

by Mike Rougeau

April 3 2014

There are 55 million games of Words with Friends going on at any given time, and 200 million active monthly Tango users. You do the math.

Free messaging apps like Tango are really taking off, and part of the appeal, especially in Asia, is being able to play games with your friends within the apps' ecosystems.

Considering Facebook just bought its rival WhatsApp for $19 billion, Tango needs every advantage it can get. Lucky then that the Zynga advantage is nothing to sneeze at. The $280 million Tango just raised from investors in China and elsewhere probably doesn't hurt, either.

“With Zynga, we’re going to explore even better social engagement with our messaging app,” Tango Vice President of Platform and Advertising (and former Zynga General Manager) Richard Rabbat told GamesBeat. “We want to take this game to new audiences.”

Tango has dozens of free games available already, but as the top free iTunes games of all time Words with Friends is by far the biggest.

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